Prince Charles

Prince Charles’ keynote at the May 4, 2011 Future of Food conference at Georgetown University is well worth the viewing.

Like Al Gore, who spent 25 years educating himself about the earth’s climate, the Price of Wales has spent years immersed in food and sustainability, including 26 years “farming” himself. (more…)


US Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa has been the primary Congressional paladin for the integrative medicine and prevention and wellness community since the early 1990’s, when he personally cajoled the Congress to create the Office of Alternative Medicine. In the subsequent 20 years, integrative therapies, modalities, and approaches to care have become far more accepted across the conventional care landscape, including in hospitals and care facilities and in medical schools.

Here Harkin addresses attendees of the April 2011 iMosaic Conference in Minneapolis, and brings viewers up to date on this journey, describing where the Affordable Care Act defines integrative health practices and the major initiative to advance a National Prevention Strategy in which integrative practices can play an important role.

French Hospital MC
San Luis Obispo, CA

As the following example illustrates, the public is increasingly being presented with examples of the use of integrative medicine practices with conventional treatments for conditions like cancer in sessions like this hosted by a local hospital like French Hospital Medical Center.

Of interest in this presentation is the participation of a medical oncologist from a conventional cancer treatment center, a naturopathic physician (ND), a chef/nutritionist, as well as a survivor.


Saratoga (CA) High School invents a strength-training program.


They are starting with their athletes but have designed with the whole neighborhood in mind.

Our vision is that on any given day, a student in a 9th grade PE class, a math teacher, a mom, the school librarian, a varsity football player and a fire fighter from the station down the street will all do the same Workout of the Day.

See Saratoga’s Crossfit Sawmill page.  And more on Fitness-Based Learning in the next post.

Students work out before class. Click to view PBS report on fitness and learning.

“It’s all about the heart rate.” Paul Zientarski, who has recreated PE at Naperville (IL) Central High School, tells us this: and when student heart rates go up in the hour before they sit down in class, their grades will follow.

In addition to the brushfire of school nutrition initiatives emerging in schools all over the country, we are seeing the connection between physical fitness and cognitive fitness put in place at the other end of the building.

Efforts by US businesses to contain their health costs have become noteworthy in large part due to incentive programs that intend to reward employees for altering their lifestyles.  A lesser-known aspect of these trends is the evolution of health services provided in business settings that have adopted the thinking and approaches characterized by integrative medicine practices.

These transitions are well described in a recent report funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “Workplace Clinics: A Sign of Growing Employer Interest in Wellness.”

It observes:

The focus has shifted largely to health promotion, wellness, and an array of primary care services, rather than occupational health or convenience care.


Integrative Practitioners Where Are You?

Mayo Clinic’s new Center for Health Care Social Media has added 17 new member to its advisory board.  The full 30-member group includes MDs, RNs, advocates, patient reps, technologists, and privacy experts, including members from other countries, all of whom have been working to bring social media into hospital and healthcare settings.

Not unexpectedly, the group does not include anyone at work in integrative medicine, or in prevention and wellness.   (more…)