Social Media

Integrative Practitioners Where Are You?

Mayo Clinic’s new Center for Health Care Social Media has added 17 new member to its advisory board.  The full 30-member group includes MDs, RNs, advocates, patient reps, technologists, and privacy experts, including members from other countries, all of whom have been working to bring social media into hospital and healthcare settings.

Not unexpectedly, the group does not include anyone at work in integrative medicine, or in prevention and wellness.   (more…)


Health Law blogger David Harlow

David Harlow, laywer and health blogger, has posted and commented on the AMA’s recently promulgated policy on social media for physicians. The guidance is mostly straightforward and reinforces common-sense guidance on privacy and other issues that have been with us since physicians first started using online services well before Facebook and Twitter appeared. (more…)

And Its Confluence with Integrative Medicine, Outcomes and the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

SM_logosIn the last 24 months, the rapid of adoption of social media elements by organizations of all kinds has started to gather up hospitals, where Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and flickr are becoming the engagement tools of choice.

Apart from reaching hospitals via those social media paragons, consumers have long been using web-based online support groups or patient communities, some designed for mutual support (“Pregnancy & Parenting Support”), others organized around research or clinical trials (“The Children’s Inn at NIH”), all of them completely patient-centric.

The rationale for these actions is by now simple to understand: the number of people using social media sites is huge and growing. The children of Baby (more…)