IOM President
Harvey Fineberg

In an article published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, Harvey V. Fineberg, MD, president of the Institute of Medicine, presented a vision for resolving the pervasive and recalcitrant problems that plague what he “purposefully refers to a ‘health system’ rather than a ‘health care system.'”

But he buried his own personal advice to his colleagues at the far end of the piece. I’ve pulled it up for closer inspection. (more…)


“TIME,” as it were, to pick on the general media’s approach to informing the public about where things stand in improving health, and in particular the actions individuals might take to strengthen their own well being.

Last week presented: “5 New Rules for Good Health,” (Jan 3, 2011)  They are neither rules nor are they particularly new.   At best they are reminders and observations of a few trends and possibilities.

  • Learn CPR
  • Relax, you’re getting enough Vitamin D
  • Better Diagnosis of Food Allergies
  • Exercise Often and Over the Long Haul
  • Early Blood Tests to Predict Disease? (more…)

IMG-Rpt-coverThe Institute of Medicine today released its long awaited report on the Summit on Integrative Medicine and Health of the Public that was held in Washington in February of 2009. While this report does not contain action steps for the IOM itself, it is a very thorough account of the sentiments expressed by the leaders of the nation’s integrative health community during that auspicious three day conference.

The Summit was co-produced by the Bravewell Collaborative, which is holding a dinner in Washington this evening to mark the report’s release.   Bravewell CEO Christy Mack said in a statement released today, “We have to start valuing and paying for health,” which is a sentiment that was powerfully demonstrated in the stories and presentations heard at the Summit. (more…)