Integrators at Work: Jeremy McCarthy, Starwood Hotels

Jeremy McCarthy manages the worldwide spas of Starwood Hotels, where he works, as his Twitter bio says “…at the intersection of wellness, positive psychology and hospitality.”

He also writes a very insightful personal blog, The Psychology of Wellbeing
in which he draws on wide range of current developments in personal health, wellness and healing approaches and the science behind them. (more…)


Saratoga (CA) High School invents a strength-training program.


They are starting with their athletes but have designed with the whole neighborhood in mind.

Our vision is that on any given day, a student in a 9th grade PE class, a math teacher, a mom, the school librarian, a varsity football player and a fire fighter from the station down the street will all do the same Workout of the Day.

See Saratoga’s Crossfit Sawmill page.  And more on Fitness-Based Learning in the next post.

Students work out before class. Click to view PBS report on fitness and learning.

“It’s all about the heart rate.” Paul Zientarski, who has recreated PE at Naperville (IL) Central High School, tells us this: and when student heart rates go up in the hour before they sit down in class, their grades will follow.

In addition to the brushfire of school nutrition initiatives emerging in schools all over the country, we are seeing the connection between physical fitness and cognitive fitness put in place at the other end of the building.