Contentious spring blasts by Forbes, The Economist
Offset by careful analysis in Atlantic Monthly.

I don’t know what happened earlier this year to draw the attention of the mainstream media to integrative medicine, but the subject has been batted around this spring among Forbes, The Economist — both of which expressed caustic disbelief that integrative medicine provides any benefit, and the Atlantic Monthly, which probes deeply into the sources for that disbelief to find that conventional medicine is broadly embracing integrative approaches. (more…)


“TIME,” as it were, to pick on the general media’s approach to informing the public about where things stand in improving health, and in particular the actions individuals might take to strengthen their own well being.

Last week presented: “5 New Rules for Good Health,” (Jan 3, 2011)  They are neither rules nor are they particularly new.   At best they are reminders and observations of a few trends and possibilities.

  • Learn CPR
  • Relax, you’re getting enough Vitamin D
  • Better Diagnosis of Food Allergies
  • Exercise Often and Over the Long Haul
  • Early Blood Tests to Predict Disease? (more…)