Getting to Integrative Health & Wellness supports the consulting and advisory firm Integrative Health & Wellness Strategies in Washington, DC.

The practice and blog have emerged from the observation that long established consumer behavior has been driving conventional and “alternative” health practices and approaches into a fitful form of convergence  for decades.   As a result, we have in the US a once-phantom, still fragmented, business and intellectual infrastructure of significant dimensions.

What is more, in addition to the rising credibility of integrative medicine and health practices and approach, we have other equally consumer-driven enterprises and fields of endeavor that together constitute a potent integrative healthspace. That is a construct I use to draw a framework around those enterprises and fields and in particular their health- and wellness-delivering attributes.  Which are more than substantial.

Consumer behavior has changed and continues to change the US health care equation, and as a result it has altered the decisions of the institutions, organizations and businesses  responsible for creating and making health services available and for creating the physical places where we live and work and play.  As more responsibility for individual wellness and care decisions is placed into their (our) hands, and as social media takes those voices further across this landscape, much more will undoubtedly change.

We’ll attempt to sort out the developments, collaborations and themes that are now animating the process of creating this new paradigm, however it shapes itself. More importantly, please make the sorting out a product of your own experience and expectations.  All comments via whatever paths are welcome.

Taylor Walsh
Washington, DC

Getting to Integrative Health & Medicine is produced in Washington, DC.  Email to Taylor Walsh or @taylorw on Twitter.