Prince Charles

Prince Charles’ keynote at the May 4, 2011 Future of Food conference at Georgetown University is well worth the viewing.

Like Al Gore, who spent 25 years educating himself about the earth’s climate, the Price of Wales has spent years immersed in food and sustainability, including 26 years “farming” himself. Whether or not he turned the soil or pulled out the carrots, like Gore he has done considerable homework.   Through his foundations he has  initiated projects designed to address a global food system under serious stress.

His keynote is as good a summary as you will hear on the current factors in play across the planet that influence not just food production systems but the natural systems on which they depend. His analysis is tough and filled with data and research results. He also provides a thoughtful approach for encouraging more private sector engagement to resolve the status quo and return to “agri-culture, rather than agri-industry.”

Prince Charles keynotes "Future of Food" conference in Washington, May 2011

(To view the video produced by WashingtonPost Live, CLICK HERE.(The page opens with a 4.5 minute excerpt of the keynote. Select “Full Speech” for the full 43 minute keynote.)

Here is the text of Charles’ remarks (PDF for download; 36 pps).