French Hospital MC
San Luis Obispo, CA

As the following example illustrates, the public is increasingly being presented with examples of the use of integrative medicine practices with conventional treatments for conditions like cancer in sessions like this hosted by a local hospital like French Hospital Medical Center.

Of interest in this presentation is the participation of a medical oncologist from a conventional cancer treatment center, a naturopathic physician (ND), a chef/nutritionist, as well as a survivor.

Panel to discuss integrating natural remedies with western medicine
March 29, 2011
via KSBY News
(San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, CA)

Integrating mainstream cancer treatments with natural remedies will be the topic of discussion later this week at French Hospital Medical Center.

A panel of experts will talk about western medical oncology, treatments with naturopathic support, and therapeutic food choices: Integrative Medicine and Cancer Care.

The panel included:

    • Thomas Spillane, M.D., Medical Oncologist with Coastal Integrative Cancer Care and Medical Director of the Heart Cancer Resource Center;
    • Dr. Tod Thoring, N.D. with Pacific Natural Medicine;
    • Nancy Walker, Certified Natural Chef and owner of The Wellness Kitchen in Templeton, CA;
    • Shannon D’Acquisto, a five-year breast cancer survivor and a mother of three who incorporated integrative cancer care into her cancer treatment plan.

The free program was open to the public: held on March 31, 2011;  for information at (805) 542-6234.

Integrative oncology is becoming a specialization in itself.  For more see the Society of Integrative Oncology web site.

Related: the National Cancer Institute has been studying the potential beneficial affects of food on the biology of cancer.   “Back to the Garden? NCI Studying Food and Genetics.”