On October 30, the Cleveland Clinic will bring brain research technology and research and clinical experience to the stage at Lincoln Center in New York, very much for the professional development of physicians and other health professionals.  As the event’s web site states:

This symposium focuses on the relationship between music and the nervous system. It is aimed at educating physicians about this novel and unique field of “neuromusic” which studies the effect of music on the normal and abnormal physiology of the nervous system, treats certain neurological conditions using music as a therapeutic tool and treats the neurological consequences of misuse of music. It also aims at educating physicians about the status of research in the field of music and the brain.

The symposium will be led by Kamal Chémali, MD, Director and Neil Cherian, MD of the Cleveland Clinic Arts and Medicine Institute, and will involve music and brain science specialists from Harvard, Univ. of Miami, Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg; and Institute of Musicians’ Medicine, Dresden.

Dr. Chémali specializes in autonomic nervous system disorders and complex regional pain syndrome.  He is also a conservatory trained pianist, affiliated with the Cleveland Institute of Music.

The performance and presentation will focus on:

  • The beneficial effects of music on human physiology and the neurological system in particular
  • The potential medical problems that result from misuse of music
  • The state of research in the field of music and the brain and the need for collaboration between musicians and neuroscientists
  • The parallel and common links between the doctor-patient relationship and the musician-audience relationship

The Arts and Medicine Institute can be followed on Twitter via the hashtag:  #CCArtsMed.  Music therapy also sports its own hashtag on Twitter: #musictherapy.

For more visit the Cleveland Clinic event site.